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Having somewhat fine hair, my usual problems are oiliness and a flat appearance. Because my hair is so fine, products tend to be too heavy, leaving my locks limp in just a few hours after washing. It also tends to get oily quick, so my usual routine is a daily wash and condition.

What occurred to me recently, is that I might be using the wrong products, so I decided to try something different and test out a few new options to see what works best for me.

I have discovered a few products that have worked wonders to give my dull and fine hair more life and volume.

For day-to-day care

Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime Light

Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime | 9Lives

This amazing new range by Schwarzkopf is perfect for treating fine hair. Without weighing your hair down, the Marula & Rose Light Oil-In Shampoo (R290 for 300ml, Retailbox), which comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle, gives you a gentle cleanse. I used about two pumps per wash, which was enough to cover my long hair.

The Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner (R307 for 200ml, Retailbox) in this range is my favourite product. Adding to the lightness of this incredible range, the conditioner takes the form of a spray bottle, and is applied after towel-drying your hair. It smells deliciously rosy and feels incredibly light compared to normal conditioners that usually make my hair feel heavy.

For times when your hair needs a little TLC, the Oil Ultime Marula Finishing Oil (R415 for 100ml, Retailbox) in the range is of great help. I use the oil once a week, or when I feel my ends starting to get a bit dryer. Be careful not to use too much and try focusing on your ends rather than your roots to avoid that greasy look that often appears on fine hair.

All in all this range worked wonders for my hair – giving it a lot of extra volume and making it feel light and healthy.

For extra volume and shine

Moroccan Oil Thickening Lotion for Volume

Moroccan Oil Thickening Lotion for Volume | 9Lives

R410 for 100ml

This product has become one of my favourites. I always avoided using too many products like oils and mousse in my hair, as I’m quite cautious of my hair feeling oily.

The Moroccan Oil Thickening lotion helps give your hair extra shine and volume, making it look super healthy and thick. Apply a pea-sized amount (which is about one pump) to your towel-dried hair, rubbing it in your hands first and then spreading it from root to tip.

Be sure to blow-dry your hair afterwards – I tried air-drying my hair the first time, which resulted in a very oily appearance.

This is a really great product for creating a glossy and voluminous look if your hair tends to hang flat and look dull like mine.

For those oily times

TRESemmè Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

TRESemmè Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo | 9Lives

R84,99 for 250ml, Clicks

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver! Instead of washing your hair daily, you can use this to absorb excess oil, extending your wash and relieving some of the maintenance.

TRESemmè Refresh Dry Shampoo is a great option because it’s affordable and doesn’t leave that white powdery residue that other dry shampoos tend to. When my hair is feeling especially flat, I even use a bit of this dry shampoo to add volume.

Try massaging it into your roots and then brush it out after a minute or two to give your hair a boost.

I’ve found it important to try out different products to find what works best for your hair. What products have you found works well with fine hair? Leave us a comment below!


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