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Typically me, I have an intense desire to reinvent my wardrobe in January, when there is next to zero money in my account. Nevertheless this year I am looking to simplify my collection with a couple of key pieces that I can work and rework in various ways. That way I can get rid of any junk that is simply occupying my limited closet space.

If you’ve been following me on Pinterest you’ll also know that I’ve been veering strongly towards looser, flowing garments, tucked at the waste to retain an elegant silhouette but then draping out softly over the rest of your body. Upon that I’m increasingly drawn towards natural, breathable fabrics, particularly during the sweaty summer months.

My number one covet at the moment is culottes in a neutral shade. The most beautiful pair I have seen is the Flow Culottes Pants by Jane Sews (R699, pictured above), made from a fabric called Tencel that is breathable and soft. Hopefully I can find a pair that fits.

Something else I am longing for is a pair of espadrilles, specifically ones that have been made by Cape Town designers Espadril.  This brand is the brain child of South African Rizqah Isaacs and Spanish Patricia Terre, who create these classic Mediterranean shoes at their studio on Bree Street, Cape Town. Each pair of shoes is made entirely by hand according to the traditional methods, adding local flavour through the fabrics. Prices range from R600 to R800 per pair and they’re available at Superbalist or their store at 100 Bree Street. I think their Shwe Shwe pair is particularly stunning.

Espadril Superbalist original
Shwe Shwe flats by Espadril R749, Superbalist

Inspired, I went on this mad hunt for the perfect pair of culottes over the holidays and found 1. very little and 2. nothing that really worked. Turns out that while this trend is flooding Pinterest, it hasn’t quite caught on with South African buyers. Or I’m behind the times. Or not in with the times at all. Whatever.

Eventually I went online to some of my favourite local designers, which is when I found that pair by Jane Sews. Along the way, however, I also found some gems by Selfi. I was even more excited when I saw the Selfi jumpsuits, which combines the culotte bottom style with a  very attractive, flowing top, all brought together with a belt. I am leaning towards the V-neck style lower down, what do you think?

Button Down Jumpsuit R980, Selfi
Olive V-neck jumpsuit R980, Selfi

The final two pieces that I’ve been scouting for is a neutral, high waist pair of shorts, preferably not too short (am I alone in feeling that mass retailers are targeting 14 year olds who’ve never had a day of cellulite in their lives?!). I’ve spotted a pair by Tamara Chérie over on Spree which I think is just perfect. Her Fedelia Tailored Shorts in pale pink are made from 100% linen and I love the pleated detailing at the front.

And last but not least on my list for this month is a kimono. Well actually, I’m not really looking for the shorter styles that are dominating the rails at the moment, but rather a longer style that drapes all the way down to my ankles. The closest thing I’ve seen is at H&M at the moment, but I’m not completely sold on the print. Hopefully they’ll release a couple more versions before winter lines take over.

While I was browsing online I did stumble on a lovely piece from Mango, though, and I thought I would pop that in. I also spotted the dress lower down, which I find oh so appealing, and might just try on for good measure. Oh, and wouldn’t that look gorgeous with the pendant from Waif at the bottom? I think so.

Spree Tamara Cherie 26october201616976ss243
Fedelia Tailored Shorts in Pale Pink R2 199, Tamara Chérie on Spree
Spree Mango 73090278_02-99999999_01
Fringe Detail Kaftan R599, Mango at Spree
Spree Mango 73095003_90-99999999_01
Batwing Sleeve Tunic in Pale Grey R1 249, Mango at Spree
Triple Wavy Necklace R780, Waif

Okay, now I just need to wait for my salary to appear. Oh, and my birthday is coming up (hint hint). And Valentine’s. Anyway, even if I don’t stock up on all (or any) of these, it’s been fun dreaming about all the styles I could create. I hope you feel equally inspired.

Did you enjoy this post? Do you have anything you would like to add? Pop your thoughts in the comments section below, I would love to hear from you.


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