August was such a weird month – not yet spring, but with the worst of winter already behind us. At school, they used to call this silly season. Everyone would try to get rid of the winter slump, by attempting pranks, practical jokes and more.

But this year, it was winter that played the ultimate prank. If you live in the Western Cape area, winter’s biggest bite only came towards the end of August – and boy did it sting! Except for the myriad of snow pics from the Koue Bokkeveld area that followed, we found the following to describe the situation best:

Enough about the weather, did you see the celebrity “Real Names”?

A big thank you to Reddit and Twitter that brought us the wonder of celebrity ‘Real Names’. We all know that celebrities use stage names, but have you given some thought to their real-real names? Well, the rest of the internet has and what they’ve come up with, is the stuff of meme dreams.

ICYMI: Serena Williams competed in a tutu

Serena Williams, world-famous athlete, holds the record for most Grand Slam wins by a tennis player in the Open Era. Does this mean that she can dress as she pleases?

Apparently not. Williams recently competed in the French Open where she wore a black compression suit. Except for looking fly AF, she wore the suit for medical reasons, as the athlete has ongoing issues with blood clots.

Soon after, the president of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Giudicelli, announced that they would be enacting a dress code for future games because Serena’s outfit “went too far”.
Did Williams take it lying down? Of course not! Fast forward to the US Open, where she donned a beautiful black tulle tutu. You go, girl! She paired the tutu with a pair of fishnet stockings (providing the compression she needed), and won the match, of course!

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Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?

Another day, another Drake hit we cannot shake. His hit ‘In My Feelings’ sparked a viral challenge after comedian, Shiggy, got down to Drizzy’s latest treffer on a sidewalk. Celebs and regular folk alike took to the streets participating in the challenge and tagging #shiggychallenge, #kikichallenge, #inmyfeelings, #kikidoyouloveme.

Definitely the most spectacular of the videos, is that of the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. Climbing up a bridge in Budapest, Smith and at least one cameraman gets down to Drake’s Kiki – not to be missed!

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Just getting by, one meme at a time…

It’s true, some memes just hit home. Sometimes, it’s not even true memes, but one-liners, texts, poetry or simply ramblings. Most of the time, it is the simple antics of every day that gets us laughing the most.

Like the boyfriend, who just wanted to help out…

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What about that time you related on almost a spiritual level…?

And lastly that one post that says it all…


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