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Periods are just the worst in my opinion. Luckily there are some apps out there to help you prepare for the worst and keep track of your cycle for you so you won’t be surprised by a visit from the Period Fairy. We tried out three different apps, have a look at our opinions below!

Fitbit Health App

Android, iOS

This app came stock standard with my new Fitbit, so I had to try it! Luckily for non-Fitbit users, some of the features can also be used without a Fitbit device. It takes a bit of setup to add the female health tracker, but once it’s set up, you can add your details such as average period length, when your last period was and whether you are on birth control or not. Once I added my details, the app started notifying me when my period will start — and I could also add my symptoms on a daily basis, which helped me to see how hormones affect my mood and health, as well as my flow intensity and mood.

This app doubles as a fertility tracker and shows your fertility window and ovulation day, which can be useful for people trying to conceive or trying to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

When I set mine up, it took 2 or 3 cycles for the app to accurately predict my next period, but once I got it calibrated it helped me quite a lot! Whenever I felt moody or cranky or had an unexplained headache I could check the app to see whether I had similar symptoms at the same time during my last period. The only thing I’d change is to have the app on my Fitbit device itself, as it’s quite a mission to go into the Fitbit app on my phone to log something quickly, rather than just doing it straight on my wrist.

Carmen’s rating: 6/10


Android, iOS

My periods are irregular so in October I downloaded the Clue App to help me keep track of my cycle — you know, to avoid any mishaps. To set it all up, I had to provide my basic menstrual data, such as when I had my last period, on average how long my period lasts, whether my bleeding is light, medium or heavy and I could add further tracking information about my bodily functions, vitality and sexual activity. The app then transformed my data into a diagram of my current info, indicating which day of the cycle I’m currently on, when my fertile window is, and when my period will start. There is also a calendar tab, where I can keep track of my period cycle over the past few months and I can choose which tracking related data to add to the calendar. Super useful, right?

I can also analyse my cycle history. For example, over the past few months I can see that my cycle went out of whack, with my typical cycle length ranging from 25 days to 95 days (thank you, stress!). Within this analysis, the app also provides further information about your typical cycle length, indicating that the majority of my recent cycles have been out of my original imputed data. So, basically because my periods have been irregular recently, this makes it difficult to predict my cycle accurately. I just have to make sure I am constantly inputting my data and to monitor how my cycle carries out.

Overall, the app is super easy to use and navigate, providing me with all the necessary information I need to know about my menstrual cycle. It also synced with the health app on my iPhone, incorporating all my health related info neatly and with the tap of a finger.

Maria’s rating: 8/10

Maya Period App

Android, iOS

I’ve used the same period app since the day period apps became a thing. I don’t really know why, but I’ve never had the need to try another one. That’s probably a good thing for Maya. Maya is quite accurate when it comes to my moods, my ovulation and when Red Riding Hood is coming for a visit, and it’s super easy to use. When setting the app up, all you have to do is provide the information needed like when your last period was, how long does your period last and do you want to fall pregnant or not. After I provided all that, the calendar lit up in different colors. Green for fertile with a small message of “this is not the time to have sex, because you are at your fertilest!” Yellow for unsafe also with a little message, and the blue for the safe phase in my cycle. This is the phase where Maya encourages me to dress in my sexiest clothes and go out for a drink, much like a best friend, am I right? There are also little facts included on the calendar, with information about the specific phase in your cycle that you are experiencing at that moment, which I really enjoy!

PMS alerts is a thing on this app. Notifications with this dreaded alert comes through, but with a small message that reminds me of things I can do to make PMS a bit better.

Maya reminds me to take my pills, when I’m fertile or not, when to drink water and when to flirt with that cutie! Who needs anything other than that?

Marié’s rating: 9/10


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