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It’s easy for Instagram to become a negative space where we are constantly bombarded with irrelevant noise from people we don’t even know – but it can also be a space of learning new things, seeing beautiful places or connecting with people we love.

Recently, I took the first step in creating a calmer and more thoughtful space on my feed by deleting everyone from my following and followers. We really don’t need to feel obligated to see how amazingly happy that cousin of friend from 5 years ago is.

I find it important to follow people who can inspire or teach me things on living life in a more positive way. Having a stream of people focusing on improving their wellness can add a great amount of positivity to your day.

These are five inspiring ladies from SA to follow on Instagram for everything wellness-related:

1. Nutrition Sprout

Focusing on well-being and overall mindful living, Nutrition Sprout is a helpful profile for learning more about the types of food to eat for hormonal balance, pregnancy or gut healing.

2. Sugarfree Sundays

Sugarfree Sundays is a great page to follow when you want to quit sugar, but still want to enjoy baked goodies. I’ve tried out a few of the recipes and it’s amazing how treats can be made with some sneaky veggies mixed in.

3. Glow

The Glow Gathering covers insightful topics like self-care, conscious-living, food essentials and menstrual cycles. This is a visually beautiful feed to follow, set in neutral tones with a simplistic feel.

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4. The Good Roots

The Good Roots’ profile is full of yummy wholesome recipes and positivity-posts. There’s also a lot of travelling going on so it’s a fun page to have on your feed.

5. Francesca Eats Roses

Packed with colourful, healthy recipes, Francesca Rose focuses on balancing hormones through balanced meals.

These ladies all inspire me on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s to make a wholesome meal or think a bit deeper.

Which Instagram profiles inspire you to live better? We would love for you to tell us in the comments section below.


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