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Many things were left up in the air with the finale of Westworld Season 2 but it also set things up for a very different and promising third season. In the new season, we’re exploring a brand new story in the unknown world outside of the parks and how the hosts are adjusting to it. True to Westworld form, the third season jumps through different time- and storylines, exploring both the future and past. These different storylines follow the lives and missions of various beloved characters including Dolores, Charlotte, Maeve, and BernArnold, as well as a few new characters including Caleb, played by Aaron Paul, who is a key component in the new season.

Westworld Season 3 is likely to be a happy medium between the first and second seasons. While the first few episodes don’t make a lot of sense at first, the puzzle pieces eventually come together with a much simpler narrative. It also employs a slightly more rapid pace, much like the second season, continuing the reminiscence of an action film (get ready for some futuristic car chases and shootouts). Also similar to the second season, strong female characters are taking the lead and we get to explore each woman’s story more in-depth within Westworld’s structure of various timelines.

What to look forward to

An exciting reveal we’re all looking forward to in the third season is which mind modules Dolores brought with her into the real world. When she escaped the park as Charlotte she had five modules in her bag all of which are likely to be the minds of hosts she believes could be useful on her path of vengeance. But will Dolores be successful in her mission to control and take down Delos or will the data collection company, Incite, always be one step ahead? Only time will tell.

While Dolores gets us in the mood to fight for what is right, Maeve will have us question what is real and to what extent the illusion of the world stretches.

Westworld is a tremendously well-acted and beautiful show with loads of twists and turns and I can’t wait to see how the third season of Westworld plays out!

Season 3 of HBO’s sci-fi drama Westworld comes to Showmax on 16 March 2020.

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