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To try navigate the 2019 music scene, I decided to imagine myself as Marty McFly, jumping into Doc Brown’s time machine to relive a  scene from Back to the Future Part 2. I spoke to music industry movers and shakers to see where the scene is heading, and they jumped into the time machine with me. (In my head, they all changed into characters from the old time classic).

1. A battle for the most popular genre is in full swing!

Tristan Coetzee, lead vocalist from December Streets, believes it will be a battle between electronic and trap music to claim the title for the most popular international music genre. Ruan Kruger, drummer of Straatligkinders, couldn’t agree more, saying:

“I teach music at two private schools in Johannesburg and when I look at my learners, Hip Hop is growing fast. Artists like Post Malone is huge amongst the learners and I think that the trend of Hip Hop music will be here for a while.” 

2. Local is… Alternative Rock & Roll.

Alternative and Rock & Roll took the back seat these past few years, but as Fokofpolisiekar is still stuck in my head after last night’s show at Kirstenbosch, I can say for sure that rock and roll will never die. Ruan Kruger added saying;

“I think that alternative music and rock pop music will become a thing again. Not in such a way that MK will rise from the grave, but artists in this particular genre will get the balance just right to make more listeners rockers again,”

3. Say goodbye to bigger festivals.

Tristan Coetzee predicts that 2019 will bring a big hype around smaller boutique festivals that

offer something more unique to attendants.

4. But what are these movers and shakers up to in 2019?

December Streets are deep into the songwriting and the production side of music, working alongside their production crew, Popcult. So, we can expect a few new December Streets tunes In the near future!

Straatligkinders is back and is no longer just a gedagte vir die dag. Their new album Verdwyn was released late 2018, and will be their main focus in 2019. And, we can keep an eye out for three to four new music videos from the album this year.

For all the Afrikaans fans out there, you can be on the lookout for a new Juan Boucher album, and according to Rudi Kleingeld, it’s going to be even bigger than ever imagined. Also, for the MK generation who misses the days of Avontoer and Rockspaaider, there is a new project that Rudi is working on called Tot Stilstand.  Get ready to head bang like in the good old days because this album will be released later this year.

While in Doc Brown’s time machine, I’ve asked around which local artists we should be on the lookout for in 2019.  

5. Here are a few of my fellow time traveler’s forecasts:

6. I also threw in a few of my own favorites:

My fellow time travellers and I also agreed that lyrics that hold no value and are only related to sex and booze can stay behind in 2018, along with the copy and paste method songwriters love to follow.

As the time machine is heading back to the present and I’m becoming less of a Marty McFly, we hope for a new John Mayer album and maybe a solo from the legend Hunter Kennedy, while we countdown the days to the new Tool and Slipknot albums.

What are your music predictions for 2019?

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