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Ah, the frustration of pitching up at the gym, amped for a really intense and sweaty workout, only to find that the all important sweat-towel is MIA. Or that you’re missing a sock for after your shower. Here’s a checklist of the 11 things to keep in your gym bag for an epic workout.

Sweat towel 

This doubles as a way to mop up the perspiration, and acts as a barrier between yourself and gym equipment that has definitely been used before.

Water bottle

Hydration is key, especially if you’re planning on doing cardio. Make sure that the bottle cap is water-tight so that your gym gear doesn’t get soaked before you’ve even started the workout.

Padlock/combination lock 

If you’re planning to keep valuables like a phone, wallet or car-keys in your bag, it’s a good idea to invest in a small lock to pop on a gym locker, helping to ensure that things don’t go missing when you aren’t able to keep an eye on them.

Workout essentials 

From weight-lifting gloves to a swim cap and goggles, this can be anything that the gym does not offer, or that you prefer to personally own. For me it’s a resistance band and skipping rope.


Music makes the world go round. It also makes workouts go faster and encourages you to work harder. After all, it’s difficult to focus on the pain when you’ve got some epic tunes to keep you company.

Change of clothes

If you’re planning to shower after a workout then it makes sense to pack a clean set of clothes. This should include a change of undies, both socks, a clean bra, pants or tights and a clean shirt.


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Dry shampoo

For anyone not keen on using the gym showers or running low on time, dry shampoo can be a huge help with taming sweaty strands. Dry shampoo helps to absorb the excess oil and moisture, and lets you get away with not washing your hair directly after a workout. It should be noted that this is not a measure that should be repeated every day.

Hygiene products 

For those people who don’t mind using gym showers: Don’t forget to pack a shower kit. This should include flip-flops to avoid wet shower floors, body wash (squeeze bottles work better than bars of soap), a face-cloth and regular shampoo if you feel like it.

Energy bars

These are great for when you don’t have time to stop for a snack before hitting the gym, or when you’re feeling a bit hangry after a sweat-session. Just a note that a good energy bar is nutrient dense and low in refined sugar. You don’t need a crash in the middle of a workout.

Wet wipes

Don’t ask where the equipment has been, just make sure to clean your hands after using it. Bonus points if the wipes are anti-bacterial. You can also use wet wipes to remove makeup before your workout, preventing it from seeping into sweaty skin. 

A bag for sweaty clothes

Leaving used gym clothes lying in your gym bag can become more than a little unhygienic. Pack an extra bag that has the sole-purpose of containing sweaty clothes. This is to stop them from rubbing up against anything else you’re carrying with you.

What do you carry in your gym bag? Pop your recommendations in the comments section below.


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