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If you ever find yourself starving and craving delicious pizza, then Stellenbosch is probably the best place to be. There are tons of restaurants and fast-food joints across town, but when you’re hangry, finding the right one to satisfy your craving can be difficult. We set out to find the best pizza spots in Stellenbosch to satisfy every pizza need; be it a thick or thin base, lots of cheese, or authentic Italian… You won’t have to look any further than this list to find a pizza spot that’s perfect for you.

Balboa Balcony Bar

Balboa is my go-to place for live music, refreshing cocktails, and delicious wood-fired pizzas.
Situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, this dark and intimate bar has a relaxing vibe which is perfect if you want to escape the madness that is Stellenbosch. If you’re keen for a drink after work, a Sunday lunch, or quick nightcap, Balboa is the place to go.

While you’re there, be sure to try the Beetle Juice pizza. Topped with bacon, tomato and chilli jam, this pizza is the perfect balance between savoury and sweet. The paper thin crust gives their pizzas that extra crunch and makes it light and airy. Balboa pizzas are perfect if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat and prefer something light and tasty. Round up a few friends, buy a few cocktails, and order a selection of pizzas and I guarantee that you’ll have an excellent time!


Where elegance meets rustic Italian, Col’Cacchio masters the family fine dining experience. Bathed in a soft yellow glow, the Stellenbosch Col’Cacchio’s has the perfect cosy booths and seating arrangements where you can enjoy either a lively or an intimate meal.

For the love of simplicity, I chose a classic margherita from their enticing selection of Italian style meal options. When the waitress brought the generous sized margherita to my table, my senses were awakened by the fragrant aroma of origami and woodfire. All I can say is biting into a Col’Cacchio margherita made me want to salute the Italians for inventing pizza. Think delicately thin crusts that softly melt in the mouth, adorned with the perfect ratio of tomato base, cheesy goodness and fresh herbs.


Situated in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, Gino’s is the perfect place to enjoy a beer, pizza and laid-back atmosphere. With it being very affordable, decently sized and just incredibly satisfying, Gino’s pizza is a must-try.

We enjoyed the Tropical pizza, which was packed with bacon bits and a generous serving of avocado. The base was somewhere between thin and medium, with the right amount of mozzarella – they definitely never skimp on the cheese.

In terms of size, if you order the bigger-sized pizza (normal), it will be big enough for sharing and the medium sized pizza is perfect for enjoying on your own and still have a few slices left for later!

The Trumpet Tree

The unique atmosphere of Trumpet Tree in Stellenbosch is not likely to leave you on the fence – you’ll either hate it or you’ll love it. The restaurant, with its post-apocalyptic feel and large iron beams, reminiscent of a Transformers junk yard, is a favourite among students and lures in inquisitive visitors with a lovely vintage market that sells interesting offbeat clothing. I paid them a visit and ordered a margherita to see how they would fare in a local pizza showdown.

In terms of presentation, I would stop far short of calling it impressive. It was plain – even by margherita standards. But looking past that, I would describe it as smooth – partly because of its delightful cheesiness and partly because of the lack in texture. The crust, although somewhat soggy, had that brilliant wood-fire taste I look for in any pizza. All-in-all it’s a worthwhile meal, especially considering that it costs only R63. Yep, a margherita at Trumpet Tree will suffice if you’re craving a pizza and you’re on a tight budget.

NY Slice

Oh the joy of the massive pizza slice! NY Slice has become an institution in student towns across the country. Their simplistic approach to toppings, deliciously doughy bases and the correct portion size *wink wink* make them a firm favourite. Because they are also such a great grab-and-go option, it is perfect for lunch. Also, find them on your favourite food delivery app in Stellenbosch.

Opt for the Margherita for the full NY Slice taste experience.


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