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If you’ve never watched HiHo Kids on YouTube, then get ready for the best and cutest videos of your life!

HiHo Kids is a YouTube channel filled with videos of the most adorable kids trying, playing, describing, guessing and discovering new and exciting things. It’s absolutely adorable and highly addictive, you have been warned! I discovered HiHo Kids through my suggested videos. What started with one video out of simple curiosity ended in a 3-hour binge!

My obsession with HiHo Kids started after watching an episode where the kids try food. Not only is it interesting to see how willing (or sometimes unwilling) they are to try new and odd dishes, but their reactions are always delightful. Imagine my excitement when I saw they made an episode about the kids trying snacks from South Africa! In the video they try a few of my favourite South African snacks including Biltong, Ouma Rusks and Flings.

I’ve made a list of some of my favourite episodes that are guaranteed to make you smile and giggle.

Check it out here:

Another “Kids Try” favourite is “Kids try ASMR”. According to Urban Dictionary, ASMR’s sole purpose is to help people relax. ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Response videos are meant to give viewers a relaxing tingle at the back of their head and/or spine. ASMRs usually involve one or more sounds such as gentle whispering, relaxing hand movements, smacking of the lips, brushing sounds, etc.

I promise this video is the best ASMR you’ll ever watch, it is so satisfying! Take a look:

If you’re having a bad day and need a little chuckle to lift your spirits, then I’d recommend 100 kids eat a lemon. It’s so cruel and cute and hilarious. You can actually feel your mouth pulling tight while watching it.

Check it out:

And finally, you have to watch “Kids Describe a Perfect World to Koji the Illustrator”. These kids are so creative and sometimes downright ridiculous but nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind living in some of their perfect worlds. Some of my favourites are: “the sun is pizza”, “I would get rid of mosquitos” and “everything is free there”… who wouldn’t want to live in these worlds?

Check out some more of their ideas in the video below:

Have you watched HiHo Kids? Let us know in the comments below and link your favourite HiHo Kids episode!


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