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It’s the most wine-derful time of the year! And that means only one thing: presents! To make this daunting task easier we have found the best wine this holiday season for you or your loved ones by pairing wines and personalities so you’ll be able to gift the perfect bottle of pinot to your loud uncle, chardonnay to your recently divorced aunt and muscat to your mom who tends to be too nosy. Just kidding! We used the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator to make your Christmas gifting this year super easy.

If you do not know what your personality type is, pop over to 16 Personalities to take the quick test and start down the road of self-discovery!

We’ve been on a tour around the Western Cape to explore everything this gorgeous region has to show – wine-wise. From the more arid Koekenaap-region, heading south to underrated soils of the Swartland, onto our beloved Stellenbosch wine valley, through the Overberg and stopping at the breathtaking Stanford.

It’s been an exploration of people, wine, good food and hospitality, and we’re proud to have done this together with the Pinotage Association. You’ll notice that the list contains some very special pinotages and we’ll also be giving away a box of pinotage, thanks to the Pinotage Association.




Springfontein Jonathan’s Ridge Single Vineyard Pinotage 2016
Wine of Origin Walker Bay
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Much like the INTJ, this Pinotage from the Stanford region is a rare find. This personality type loves perfecting the details of life by taking a rationally creative approach. Their inner world is private and complex and much like this Pinotage, it takes a careful approach to unwrap the layers of this personality.


BloemCool Berg-En-Dal Haasbek 2019
Wine of Origin Piekenierskloof
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Bloemcool is Fairview’s latest range of esoteric wines produced in small quantities of age-worthy quality. Like these wines, INTP’s like taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life.


The Glen Carlou Collection 2019 Sauvignon Blanc
Wine of Origin Groenekloof
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This wine by Glen Carlou is a single vineyard wine, produced in a single Nomblot concrete egg. This innovation is telling of the ENTJ’s creative drive and vision. They are natural-born leaders and have the gift of charisma and confidence.


Spier First Stone Organic Red Blend 2015
Wine of Origin Stellenbosch
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ENTPs are known as debaters, bold and creative, they love deconstructing and rebuilding ideas with great mental agility. The full-bodied Spier First Stone Organic Red Blend will definitely be a great topic in these extroverts’ next mental spar.




Migliarina Wines Equilibrium 2019
Wine of Origin Stellenbosch
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Not only does the INFJ approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination, these personalities stand out uniquely with a quiet, principled version of humanism. In the same way, Equilibrium, which is a 50% Chenin Blanc, 29% Marsanne and 21% Verdelho blend and with only 2 850 bottles produced in total, will definitely mirror this personality’s exclusivity.


Brink Family Wines Louisa Cape Blend 2015
Wine of Origin Swartland
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The INFP personality, also known as Mediators, may often seem quiet or shy but they are known to be open-minded, and imaginative, and they apply a caring and creative approach to everything they do. In the same way, the winemaker of this wine from the Riebeek Valley created this blend, starring Pinotage, in the traditional way focussing on the basics but rounding it off with delicious precision.


Survivor Chardonnay 2019
Wine of Origin Elgin
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Strong ideas and values are what ENFJs are known for. And much like the Survivor Nguni cow who jumped from a moving truck, these personalities are determined to achieve their goals.


Conradie Family Vineyards Pinotage Barrel Selection Reserve 2019
Wine of Origin Western Cape
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ENFPs are known as Campaigners and they truly are free-spirited. They are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and emotional connections they make with others. The Conradie Family Vineyards in the Nuy Valley is a quaint family-owned winery that has been in their family since 1871 with fifth-generation winemaker, CP Conradie’s, inherited a passion for winemaking.




Rijks Reserve Pinotage 2015
Wine Of Origin Tulbagh
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The farm Rijk’s in the Tulbagh area is known for its outstanding Pinotage. Their winemaking philosophy is precise and with methodical purpose. They share these traits with the ISTJ who shows definite characteristics of integrity, practical logic and a tireless dedication to duty.


Windmeul The Legend Collection Chenin Blanc 2019
Wine of Origin Coastal Region
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The Boland, and especially the Wellington region is synonymous with Chenin Blanc. It gets really hot in summer and that promotes a rich, intense taste within these berries. And just like the grapes that survive these crazy temperatures, the ISTJ personality is known for their willfulness and tireless dedication to duty. They thrive in institutions that uphold traditions, which fits in perfectly with the Legend Collection narrative.


Alheit Vineyards Cartology (Bush Vine) Chenin 90% / Semillon 10%
Wine Of Origin Western Cape
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The ESTJ personalities are known as executives. They are a representation of tradition and order. They are valued for their clear advice and guidance. What better pairing than the Alheit Vineyards Cartology. Not only does the cartography theme play to this personality, but this very special wine is also made from certified old bush vine, speaking to the rich tradition of winemaking in the Cape region.


Woolworths Organic Merlot 2020 produced by Stellar Winery
Wine of Origin Western Cape
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ESFJs are social creatures. These people are popular and love taking the spotlight. Not only are they usually the life of the party, but they are also the ones making the rounds to find out if everyone is happy. I’ve personally never met anyone that doesn’t like the Woolworths Organic Merlot 2020. It is an easy-drinking wine with a beautiful soft finish – the perfect braai companion.




Diemersdal Winter ferment 2020 Sauvignon Blanc
Wine of Origin Durbanville
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This new world style Sauvignon Blanc by Diemersdal speaks of individualism. The wine features intense flavours of gooseberries, tropical fruit and sweet grapefruit. This unique wine echoes the characteristics of the ISTP personality – inquisitive with a spirited curiosity.


Wildekrans Pinotage Barrel Select Reserve 2017
Wine of Origin Botrivier
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Wildekrans in the Botrivier valley speaks of true artistry. From the scenic surrounds to the spectacular attention to winemaking, it is a transcendent experience. The ISFP personality is known for its use of aesthetics and pushing the limits of social convention. They are adventurers in every sense of the word, and will therefore be quite happy spending time in Wildekrans’ little piece of heaven having a glass of their 2017 Barrel Select Reserve Pinotage.


Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve The Promenade Pinotage 2017
Wine of Origin Durbanville
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I bet you all know Durbanville Hills – beautiful location and wines that are easily found across the country, but with this Pinotage they’ve really shown their passion and energy for winemaking. The ESTP is known for its entrepreneurial force and rather than over-complicate things, they leap forward and fix issues along the way. Among the several lines within the Durbanville Hills stable, this Pinotage is truly a homerun that speaks to the innovative process that created this delicious Pinotage.


Vondeling Mèthode Ancestrale Rurale Blanc de Blanc 2016
Wine of Origin Voor-Paardeberg
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An ESFP loves vibrant experiences, engaging in life eagerly and taking pleasure in discovering the unknown. What could be a more vibrant experience than trying something brand new? Other than the Mèthode Cap Classique that we all know, The Mèthode Ancestrale uses a single, continuous fermentation, that makes use of fruit which is approximately three weeks riper than the base wine used to make Mèthode Cap Classique. It is then matured on its lees for 28 months and then topped using Vondeling’s flagship wooded white blend Babiana from the 2013 vintage.

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