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We’re constantly sourcing new wines to try out, and we suddenly realised one day that we had a massive cabinet filled to the brim with wine. So, one boozy afternoon we decided to try them all out and rank them from our absolute favourites to our not-so-favourites.

White Wine

Chenin Blanc

Woolworths Organic Chenin Blanc


9Lives-Stellar Organic Chenin Blanc
Tasting notes: Tropical nose with fruit and acidic citrus undertones.

One of our favourite organic wines is Woolies’ Organic Chenin Blanc. It’s fruity, crisp and fresh on the palate, which envelops you in the flavours of summer. Best of all? It’s made using organic grapes grown without the use of synthetic chemicals!

Rating: 7/10


Groot Phesantekraal Chenin Blanc 2018


Groot Phesantekraal’s Chenin Blanc has soft, stonefruit flavours with a strong hint of peach. Even though the Chenin is unwooded, it has a definite hint of woodiness on the nose and a bone dry finish.

Rating: 8/10


Groot Phesantekraal Chenin 2018
Tasting notes: not too acidic, well-balanced, crisp colour, soft on the palate, hints of peach

Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin Blanc 2017


9Lives-Delheim Wild Ferment Chenin 2017
Tasting notes: Caramel, creamy toffee, smoky, heavily wooded undertones

Here in the office we’re big fans of wild ferment wines — especially this Chenin Blanc! Even though it’s not wooded, the Wild Ferment has a strong oaky undertone and an almost creamy consistency. Our clear favourite of all the Chenins we tried!

Rating: 8.5/10


Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017


We were so excited to try this wine, it had a wonderful nose and the colour was crisp and clear. It might be due to its age or how long it’s been in our drinks cabinet, but it was a bit light on the tongue, and the bolder flavours we were expecting just weren’t there.

Rating: 5/10

9Lives-Vriesenhof Unwooded Chardonnay 2017
Tasting notes: Spicy and intense on the nose, slightly flat on the palate — the flavour dissipates quickly

Woolworths Organic Chardonnay


9lives-Stellar Organic Chardonnay
Tasting notes: Lovely aromas of guava on the nose, granadilla flavours carrying through, well-balanced, unwooded

If you take into consideration the price and the fact that Woolies’ Chardonnay is certified organic, this is one of the best Chards out there, especially for less than 50 bucks! Bright, fruity aromas carry through to the palate and bring to mind the flavours of a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Rating: 7/10


Sweet Rosé

Weltevrede Turkish Delight Rosé


This sweet Rosé is true to its name, it smells exactly like Turkish Delight. None of us are big fans of sweet Rosé, but we could see ourselves sipping on a glass of this wine filled to the brim with ice on a hot summer’s day.

Rating: 5.5/10

9Lives-Weltevrede Turkish Delight Rosé
Tasting notes: Turkish delight nose, very sweet, tastes almost like Grapetiser

Fish Hoek Cinsault Rosé


Tasting notes: Fresh strawberries, sweet, yet refreshing

This (very) affordable Rosé has notes of fresh strawberries on the nose and a balanced, flavour. Its deep red colour and sweet tasting notes actually complement the flavour, resulting in an easy-drinking summery wine.

Rating: 6.5/10

Dry Rosé

Delheim Pinotage Rosé


Our favourite Rosé of the group, the Delheim Pinotage Rosé has a spectacular colour and sweet, heady aroma. Strong flavours of cotton candy come through immediately, but do not linger on the palate. All in all, this is a great summer wine.

Rating: 7/10

Tasting notes: Sweet nose, intense cotton candy taste that falls a bit flat

Red Wine


Woolworths Organic Merlot


Stellar Organic Merlot
Tasting notes: Cherry and smoky cigars, bold flavours

Organic Merlots can often oxidise easily due to the lower sulphates, which leads to a loss of flavour. However, this organic Merlot has a lot of bold flavours of cherry with an almost smoky and woody cigar nose.

Rating: 7/10


Woolworths Organic Pinotage


This is a very smooth-bodied Pinotage, which doesn’t have as obvious a liquorice flavour as you tend to expect from a Pinotage. We did pick up a slight liquorice flavour and a distinct woody nose and smoky flavours, reminiscent of braaied ribs.

Rating: 7/10

Woolworths Organic Pinotage
Tasting notes: Forest floor and smoke on the nose, smooth, good body, liquorice flavours

Groot Phesantekraal Berliet Pinotage


Tasting notes: Sweet caramel, vanilla and wood aromas

We expect a certain flavour profile from wines made in the Durbanville Wine Region, but the Groot Phesantekraal Berliet Pinotage offers up surprising new flavours. This wine has sweet, woody caramel and vanilla flavours on the nose and palate, we could see ourselves drinking a glass of this Pinotage in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day.

Rating: 7/10

Stellenbosch Hills Bushvine Pinotage 2016


Our favourite Pinotage of all, the Stellenbosch Hills Bushvine Pinotage has spent the last three years aging beautifully. It is perfectly balanced, spicy and woody, and has an intense bold flavour — exactly what you want from a Pinotage.

Rating: 8/10

Stellenbosch Hills Bushvine Pinotage
Tasting notes: Bold flavour, beautifully balanced


Woolworths Organic Shiraz


Tasting notes: Strong aromas of blackberries and red fruits, cinnamon on the palate

In our opinion, the best wine in the Woolworths Organic range is their Organic Shiraz. It has strong aromas of blackberries and red fruits, with a lovely cinnamon flavour on the palate. It is smooth, yet bold, and delivers everything you expect from a Shiraz.

Rating: 7.5/10

Diemersdal Shiraz 2017


Diemersdal’s esteemed winemaker knows exactly how to get the best flavour out of their harvest. The Diemersdal Shiraz is perfectly balanced with an abundance of flavour. We with specifically picked up on the strong notes of berries coming through.

Rating: 9/10

Tasting notes: Smooth, strong flavours of berries


Allesverloren Três Vermelhos


9lives-Allesverloren Três Vermelhos
Tasting notes: Sweet but spicy cinnamon notes

A beautiful wine for its region, the Allesverloren Três Vermelhos has a savoury cinnamon aroma on the nose, with sweet and spicy flavours coming through on the palate. This is the perfect wine to pair with a hearty, meaty pasta, and will balance the flavours easily.

Rating: 8/10


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