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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is close enough that you can almost lock eyes with Jon Snow or fly off on one of Khaleesi’s dragons! And to increase the anticipation even more, HBO has just released a brand-new trailer that promises a lot of killing, plenty of kisses and featured a few interesting shots that have stirred up a lot of speculation. Oh, and look, Tormund is alive!

Here is everything you need to know to survive the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones:

If you are a big fan of R.R Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice medieval fantasies, DSTV Catch-Up isn’t on the table at all. So where to watch the biggest battle scenes ever shot?

Both Showmax and M-Net are dedicated to bringing the final moments to South African audiences on the same date, 14th April 2019 at 22:00.

The question on everyone’s lips is how to dodge all the spoilers when you’ve missed an episode of Game of Thrones?

We are on the edge of our seats to see what fate has in store for everyone in Westeros, but what to do when you can’t watch the episode the moment it airs?

Spoilers are like White Walkers – you know they’re coming, but you are doing everything in your power to avoid them. This is when it’s really important to dress in your best battle armour and grab your Valyrian sword to out battle all the unwanted spoilers.

With the previous season, we had this unwritten rule in our office. You couldn’t talk about Game of Thrones for two days after the release of the episode, and if everyone didn’t watch it in that timeframe, it was too late for them. They could close their ears because we would be free to talk about the episode and speculate the fate of Westeros.

Chrome has the perfect extension for anyone that is obsessed with the Starks, Winterfell and everyone in between. Game of Spoils is a plugin that can be downloaded to block out any content from your favourite TV show.

You can also use Chrome’s Video Blocker that allows you to hide channels you don’t like on YouTube. This is the perfect tool to avoid video spoilers of your favourite characters.

Twitter recently released a new feature that allows users to mute specific words, phrases or hashtags for a selected period of time. This is exactly what you need to shield against hashtags like #GameofThrones, #GoT, and #GoTSeason8 to name a few.

The best armour for the battle against spoilers?

Never leave the house, go online or speak to anyone ever again to ensure a spoiler-free life!

Game of Thrones can be emotionally draining, especially when you experience the rush of not knowing what’s going to happen and to figure it out.

You had more than a year to recover from season 7 so here are some tips to survive the emotional rollercoaster that is Game of Thrones season 8:

  • Set small, achievable expectations so that you won’t be disappointed by every episode. Instead of “John Snow will sit on the Iron Throne” by episode 4, think  “Yay, Jon Snow is still alive.”
  • Always remember that every character you hate will face a horrible death (Just ask Joffrey!)
  • Tragedy will happen and you have to accept it.
  • Google some memes; new memes are going to pop up all over the internet and that giggle will make you feel emotionally better!
  • To support you through your emotional rollercoaster,get yourself a Brienne-type friend to watch the season with you. We’re sure that she will  fight off the draining feelings with her Valyrian steel sword.
  • Bend the knee for the Mother of Dragons with tissues in hand for all the sobbing.

The dragons, White Walkers and Jon Snow will knock on our doors sooner rather than later! Winter is here, are you ready?


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