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I’m not quite a newbie to this make-up game, and I understand the importance of making sure that I wash my face – you know, to protect against clogged pores and wrinkles, those little microbes that like to chomp on your eyelashes (ew). But the one thing that I don’t focus on enough is how I clean make-up brushes, sponges and wands. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? So I did little research and freaked myself out on how often we should be washing our kit, how it should be done, and why.

Keep it clean!

  • Brushes pick up more than just makeup. They are also exposed to sebum and oils on your skin, skin cells, and possible contaminants like bacteria.
  • These contaminants can lead to breakouts like acne, or infections. This risk increases if you’re sharing brushes with friends. Hey, we’re not judging. Just keep it tidy.
  • Even if you manage to dodge the infections and breakouts, unclean brushes are stiffer and coarser than brushes that are being taken care of. This can lead to irritated, patchy or dull skin.
  • Unclean brushes can make your makeup look less than perfect. Ever used a beauty blender that hasn’t seen a wash in a while? It’s not great. We’re talking smudged or discolored foundation, streaky texture or just a generally difficult makeup routine.
  • And lastly, cleaning your brushes properly means that they’ll last longer. So take care of your brushes and avoid unnecessary spending. Look, we’re helping you to save money, too!

Simon says….

Do clean your eye-makeup brushes more than you clean your other brushes. Your eyes are sensitive to bacteria and dirt.

Don’t leave your brushes soaking in water as it seeps into the base of the brushes and damages the glue, leaving the bristles to shed.

Do wash your brushes at least once a week. If you can’t commit to a weekly clean, then you should definitely clean once a month, minimum.

Don’t forget to wash your beauty blenders, eyelash curlers, spoolies and other tools. You’re using them on your face, so be hygienic about it.

Do wash them thoroughly. Simply rinsing your brushes and tools under running water is not going to cut it.

clean makeup brushes

It doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can keep your brushes, sponges and tools maintained without having to spend a small fortune. My favourite products include
Squeaky Clean Liquid Brush Cleaner, a liquid cleanser for brushes and makeup blenders, as well as a little silicone cleansing pad that I picked up at Clicks for under R60 (but keep an eye on One Day Only, they have some crazy specials on brush pads). I’ve also recently stumbled across a range of make-up brush cleansing wipes that I’m keen to try out.

To learn a little more about your makeup brushes, check out one of our previous articles.


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