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Your absolute favourite psychopath, Joe, is back with another season of the Netflix Original series, You. We had a sneak-peek of the first seven episodes of You Season 3 and we couldn’t stop binging this new instalment of the hit thriller series starring Penn Badgley as Joe and Victoria Pedretti as Love.

Season 1 vs Season 2 vs Season 3?

If you were a fan of the first season, this latest instalment would be a bit more up your alley compared to the second season. But even more than that, this time around they add many nuances to Joe, but even more to Love, which adds another layer to that oh-wow-did-that-just-happen factor for which You has become known.

If you are not sure what I mean, let me sketch you a picture… Newlyweds, with a newborn, move from the city to a quiet suburb while harbouring a chilling secret. They try to adapt to parenting and marriage, and being good neighbours and fitting in, but most importantly, leaving their murderous ways behind them. Intrigued yet?

What absolutely killed in Season 3?

The characters this time around are more well-rounded than in the second season. New characters coming in are properly sketched and developed, unlike the second season where I thought that someone like Forty gets a bit lost in the chaos around Joe and Love.

Especially look out for Dylan Arnold who plays the character of Theo Engler, who is my new absolute favourite. I also think that this season is a bit kinder to Love’s character. She definitely asserts herself more and they add a depth to her character which often leaves you wondering: is she good or evil? And even beyond that: is anyone ever either entirely good or entirely bad? And that is exactly what makes this show so great.

You starts streaming on Netflix today, 15 October, and has also just been renewed for a fourth season. Click here to view.


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