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I’ve always been the “don’t fix what isn’t broke” type of person. Be it food orders, jean type or fragrances. For the past 23 years I’ve stuck with two fragrances that were both initially given to me as gifts. Tommy Girl and Elizabeth Arden. I’m sure some people out there can relate, but when I start testing perfumes, by the 6th one they all start smelling the same. So it was great to have the YSL Libre sitting on my desk for the past few weeks so that it could have all my senses’ devoted, uninterrupted attention.

My knowledge of YSL perfumes is that they are not the cheapest as it is a high-end fragrance. Black Opium, one of their most well known fragrance is a best-seller which means YSL really had to step up their game – Libre had strong competition.

With no further ado, let’s get into the review.

Name, Ambassador and Bottle:

Dia Lipa Libre

Libre means freedom in French. Libre was released in 2019 (March 2020 in SA), but reviewing it now, in the time of ‘rona, the name has so much more power. The fragrance embodies freedom in a time of limited freedom. Libre is a female empowerment perfume, it stands for the freedom to be who you are, to not be owned in any way, to express yourself freely and to, in the confines of your quarantined life, keep living freely. And isn’t that just beautiful.

What makes this an easy review is the beautiful bottle and beautiful marketing. The bottle is trendy and stunning. Minimalistic, yet bold. Clean, yet clumpy. It stands out and is eye-catching.

The ambassador, Dua Lipa, is also a perfect fit for this perfume. YSL described their choice by saying: “She can be powerful and hyper-feminine. Ultra-cool and burning up. Because she embodies today’s liberated, no-compromise, write-your-own-rules YSL woman. Because her fierce brand of freedom and sensuality expresses the fiery legacy of Yves Saint Laurent.”

I wouldn’t be able to say it better.

YSL Libre perfume reviewSo now for the juicy stuff:

YSL is the one brand which I have always associated with sweet smelling perfumes, but Libre is definitely a departure from that style of perfume. My first thought was that it smelled slightly unisex, and reading up that is exactly what YSL was going for. YSL says: “It toes the lines of masculine and feminine”.

The words YSL uses to describe Libre’s scents alone will get you to buy it. Words like sexy orange blossom, cool lavender, sparkling neroli, juicy mandarin, smoldering vanilla and glowing amber just emphasizes  the sensuality that the fragrance embodies.

With the first spray you have the orange citrus, but that is more just on the initial spritz. When it starts to dry down, that’s when you definitely get the jasmin, the lavender, the vanilla and right towards the end is when we start to get the musky scent. The most dominant scent is the lavender & the orange blossom.

Personally the more I smelled it, the more I fell in love with it. But that could also subjectively be because of my love for all things vanilla. It’s also not a potent smell, so you never have to worry about over-spraying. If you are someone who likes a fragrance that holds its strong smell throughout the entire day, then Libre isn’t for you. Libre’s wear is long, with it delicately blending into your own personal scent throughout the day.

In conclusion:

Libre is a very sophisticated perfume. I wouldn’t say it’s for younger or older women, but rather for mature ones. It’s the perfect Spring/Summer day-time fragrance.


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